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Frequently Asked Questions

Recommended Brands & Suppliers

Here you will find a list of our reputable brands and retail stores to purchase your boiler and parts from. These suppliers offer the best customer service and pricing to ensure you get the best deals.

Worcester Boiler Installation - Fityourboiler.co.uk

You know what boiler you want but where’s best to buy online for the greatest deal?

Boiler Flue Boiler Installation - Fityourboiler.co.uk
Flue Kits

You must have a flue to extract the waste gases and condensation from your boiler. It is always recommended to purchases the manufacturer recommended flue kit.

Nest Boiler Installation - Fityourboiler.co.uk

Are you looking for a smart thermostat or a traditional solution? See our recommended ranges here.

Magnaclean Boiler Installation - Fityourboiler.co.uk

Ensure the longeivity of your new central heating system by installing a magnetic filter.

Ready to book the installation of your new combi boiler?

Follow our checklist to ensure you have everything ready for the fitting of your new boiler. We’ll need everything ready on the day.