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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to our most asked questions when booking Fit Your Boiler. If your question has not been answered feel free to email [email protected] and we’ll be happy to assist.

How does it work?

Its simple! – you choose your own boiler, shop around for the best deal and book an installation at a fixed price on any day you want.

This is easy - what's the catch?

There isn’t one! You can control how much you spend on your new boiler, and we install it for a fixed price on your chosen date.

Who installs my new boiler?

We have a wide network of experienced, qualified Gas Safe heating engineers that have been vetted and approved by us. All engineers have public liability insurance.

How will I know what to buy in advance?

See our Checklist page to ensure you have everything ready on the day.

What’s included?

Everything! All labour, pipework, fittings, building materials, wiring is included, and we undertake a chemical flush of the heating system, adding inhibitor to ensure your new boiler is protected.

How do I book the installation?

Add your chosen installation to the basket and complete the payment process, you will receive a confirmation email and a brief questionnaire to complete before payment is taken.

Can I use a second-hand boiler?

No, all equipment must be new and unopened on the day of installation to avoid cancellation by us.

Have I got everything I need?

See our Checklist page to ensure you have everything ready on the day.

How will I know if the boiler I have chosen is suitable?

Do your research – any combi boiler will be suitable for a like for like replacement, but if you’re upgrading to a larger boiler the additional gas supply pipework may be necessary and additional costs incurred.

How can I change the information I have sent?

Any changes can be submitted up to 24hours before the installation date by emailing ([email protected]) but please note this alter your booking status if the changes are significant.

I have submitted incorrect information and it is under 24hours before the installation

If you have submitted incorrect or inaccurate information then we may cancel your installation on the day, dependant on inspection by the attending engineer, and retain a cancellation charge from your booking fee.

Who services my boiler annually?

Annual servicing of any gas appliance is vital to ensure continued safety, economy and reliability – we will contact you annually to arrange the service or use a local Gas Safe registered engineer.

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