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New Boiler Checklist

To make sure that we can install your new boiler, please follow our useful checklist on the products required for quality installation.

* You must have a brand new boiler and flue. We can still fit your boiler however our Gas Safe engineer may recommend filters or heating control upgrades due to compatability and warranty issues.

1. Boiler.


Your new boiler should be big enough for the heating and hot water demand for your property – most manufacturers will give sizing guides on their websites to help, and even the smallest output boilers will be enough for heating and hot water in the average family home.

2. Flue.


Every boiler needs a matching flue, or chimney, to expel the waste fumes formed during its operation. You will need a standard/horizontal flue if your existing flue exits through the wall, and a plume management kit if its close to a corner, boundary or window/door.

3. Controls.

New controls can significantly improve the efficiency of a new boiler, so its important to consider this as an upgrade when changing the boiler – matching manufacturer boiler and controls will work best when used together, and smart controls can be used anywhere in the world!

4. Magnetic Filter.

A magnetic filter will help maintain the system water within your new boiler after the flushing process, and some manufacturers offer extended warranties if their own filter is fitted to a matching boiler.

5. Limescale reducer.

If you live in a hard water area, a scale reducer can really look after your new boiler and prevent limescale build-up within the system – check online to see if you are affected.

6. Filling loop/link.

Most existing combi boilers have a filling loop/link external to the boiler to ‘top-up’ the water in the system – it looks like a flexible silver hose but double check if your new boiler already has one built-in. If you have an external one it may be worthwhile replacing it (included during the installation) this can be a common failure and could prevent a costly repair in the future.

7. Shock arrestor.

A shock arrestor kit is specifically designed to combat the problem of the expansion of water in the cold supply pipe in combi boiler installations that are fitted in close proximity to a water meter, giving the cold water supply some extra space to expand into and stopping it from entering the boiler and causing damage.

Ready to book the installation of your new combi boiler?

Follow our checklist to ensure you have everything ready for the fitting of your new boiler. We’ll need everything ready on the day.